AIMBIX as your Identity Management Expert!

AIMBIX provides best-in-class solutions for all the IAM-related challenges of your online business, such as secure transactions, personalized engagement, seamless customer experiences, trusted access, smart authentication and cost-efficient access risk management.

Secure transactions

End-user exposure to security threats is growing and enterprises are increasingly breached. This threatens online business growth and requires identity solutions that are able to provide strong security while ensuring ease of use and low threshold access.

Personalised engagement

Providing customers with an experience that’s not just secure but also personalized to their preferences is key to driving loyalty and revenue growth. Identity solutions that create a 360 degrees customer profile and can do so company-wide and in real-time enable the desired individualized service.

AIMBIX with its team of certified IDM ( Identity Management) Engineers, come together to understand your IT needs and based on the IT infrastructure and environment complexity we AIM to provide you the most Cost effective method of implementing IDM solutions.

We at AIMBIX work on various identity suites like

Microsoft Identity Manager ( ILM /FIM 2010 / MIM)

Identity Manager FIM 2010

Microsoft Identity Manager

Evolveum ( Midpoint) – Another great product with no licensing cost for community edition

RSA SecureID suite 

IBM Security Identity Manager ISIM ( The Famous product from the IBM Security)

Apache Syncope ( open Source IDM ) best suited for low budget implementation. With just the implementation cost and No license required.

Oracle Identity /Access Manager ( OIM /OAM)

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