Our Level 1(L1) engineers will do analysis and troubleshooting of support tickets based on the standard that has been set. When they cannot fix the issue it goes to an L2 engineer, and even L3 after that if L2 cannot find a solution to the issue at hand. We provide dedicated ticketing tool to track and report each

Services Offered by Aimbix-NOC

  • Data Management with a NOC The process of remotely managing data allows staff to be freed up for other tasks. This includes the creation of reports and monitoring the occurrence level of incidents and resolutions. The in-house IT team can then focus on maintaining, improving, and upgrading existing features instead of mundane, repetitive tasks such as scheduling, virus scanning, and email analysis.
  • Network Infrastructure Installation Focusing on the business is essential to the development and making it as strong as it can be, so the network is crucial to the daily operations. Reliable support is needed for the installation and implementation of the wireless network. This means the system is set up to reduce downtime by the NOC management provider such as ExterNetworks.
  • Minimize Downtime with Remote System Backups Remotely backing up the system means that the network operations center can restore the system remotely if it goes down. This will save both time and money since the restoration is done without the need for calling in someone else or using the IT team. Less downtime and fewer internal resources being used means considerable savings for any business.
  • Managing Operations Remotely – Handling Issues and Solving Problems Incident management is the solution for effectively monitoring incidents based on the events that caused them. The network monitoring team at ExterNetworks assigns the issues to appropriate teams for resolving them quickly. Dedicated teams will work on handling incidents even while your team is at home outside of working hours.
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting Networks A wide range of proactive monitoring and troubleshooting allows for various levels of service to be provided consistently improving the quality while costs are reduced allowing companies to respond to changes promptly. Remote monitoring is done twenty-four hours a day seven days a week to ensure networks are safe and properly functioning.
  • Around the Clock Support Knowing that you can get assistance all day every day offers you peace of mind. Help Desk services being available at all times are vital to IT operations being efficient, reliable and affordable. The remote service teams are always learning to ensure the latest technical knowledge is always available to you while allowing for experienced professionals to aid in dealing with issues.
  • Issues are Documented and Reported by NOC Providers All issues are tracked and documented to create reports that are used as references for the IT team. This is to ensure members are trained in all aspects of the network. The daily reports are compiled into monthly reports which are used to recreate incidents and use them as a way to prevent the same problems from arising in the future. Outsourcing NOC services to ExterNetworks can save you both time and money by ensuring that your business operations are always running smoothly. The in-house IT team being free from mundane tasks such as email processing leaves them available for more critical responsibilities ensuring a maximized return on investment.


Datadog is a cloud monitoring as a service provider that allows IT teams to monitor their entire infrastructure, including servers, networks, cloud deployments, and applications. The Datadog monitoring tool unifies IT service and technology monitoring, giving enterprises a holistic view of how their network, services, applications, and deployments are performing. Datadog’s monitoring tool can integrate with several cloud environments and servers, including Microsoft Exchange Server, Kubernetes Metrics Server, and SQL Server.


LogicMonitor is a SaaS-based performance monitoring platform that features comprehensive server monitoring. The solution automatically discovers all network devices and interfaces, with over 1,500 integrations of network hardware, cloud deployments, server, storage, and database technologies. LogicMonitor’s server monitoring solution features CPU and memory alerting, volume utilization, data request per second visualization, and support for Microsoft Exchange, IBM AIX, Windows, and Linux servers.

ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager is a network monitoring software that also features server monitoring capabilities. OpManager performs real-time monitoring of networks, physical and virtual servers, and WAN links; it also discovers and measures performance of every device connected to a network. The solution periodically monitors physical and virtual servers via SNMP and WMI protocols, observing server health, availability, and performance in real-time.


Monitis is a performance monitoring solution that analyzes the performance of networks, websites, servers, and applications for Windows and Linux deployments. Their server monitoring solution includes CPU, memory, storage, and disk monitoring in addition to server health checks. In addition to monitoring networks and websites, Monitis features custom service monitoring capabilities to help IT teams tailor their monitoring solutions to meet their needs.

Nagios XI

Nagios XI is a centralized enterprise server, application, and network monitoring software. Powered by the Nagios Core 4 engine, users gain insight into server performance, network protocols, applications, and services. Nagios XI supports hundreds of third-party add-ons to allow the software to monitor common business applications. The platform has a customizable GUI so users can create the best layout and design for their IT team’s needs.

Paessler PRTG

Paessler PRTG is an IT monitoring tool that includes server, network, bandwidth, cloud, application, and IP monitoring. The software functions as an all-in-one monitoring suite which is also able to monitor cloud environments, virtual machines, and hardware in addition to a network. For server monitoring, PRTG can monitor a wide number of server types, including web, mail, database, and storage servers; the tool unifies server monitoring and management into a single-pane solution.

SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor

SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor is a server and application monitoring solution that allows IT teams to monitor the status and performance of servers. The tool monitors your server’s critical hardware components, including fan speed, device temperature, power supply, CPU usage, and battery usage. SolarWinds also supports customizable server monitoring, letting IT departments work with pre-established templates or import custom scripts that work with their deployments.

Spiceworks Network Monitor

spiceworks free open source network monitoring tools

Spiceworks Network Monitor is a free network and server monitoring program and one of several networking tools that Spiceworks offers. Their monitoring solution offers real-time monitoring capabilities for networks, Windows servers, and Linux servers. You can perform ping checks to verify that your server and all connected nodes are currently functional. The tool also allows users to start and stop malfunctioning server services and processes from the software rather than at the affected server.



Zabbix is an open source monitoring tool suite that includes server monitoring functions, including both server performance and server health monitoring. For server performance, Zabbix measures CPU and memory utilization, network and server bandwidth usage, and packet loss and interface error rate. The solution also monitors availability parameters, including system and hardware status checks, disk space availability, and remote server monitoring.

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