IT Security and Risk Management

Leading the Way to a Secure World. Protecting our Customer’s Brand. AIMBIX is a leading provider of technology, consulting and risk management solutions to strengthen enterprise businesses while managing IT risk. A combination of technology, thought leadership and a relentless passion for customer success defines AIMBIX’s approach to partnering with enterprise brands. But with the added ingredient of specifically focusing on mitigating IT risk with every client engagement. Managing risk is a growing challenge as IT becomes so pervasive in today’s modern enterprise, which AIMBIX tackles head on. Whether it is strategic advisory, design, and implementation or managed support, AIMBIX is focused around six practices: Risk & Security Identity and Access Governance Risk

Assurance Secure Cloud Secure Mobile Collaboration AIMBIX helps enterprises realize their dreams by helping them develop, manage and deploy solutions with acceptable risk. We help enterprises realize the opportunity of technology, increase innovation, improve speed-to-market and maximize returns on investment to shareholders.  leveraging IT frameworks and best practices for faster deployment and lower total cost of ownership * unleashing the power and potential of technology with integrations that protect current assets and investments With more long experience partnering with global brands on complex business and IT challenges, AIMBIX is the perfect choice for enterprises in need of strategic support and technology solutions. AIMBIX is passionate about finding the right solution to help your organization compete effectively.

AT AIMBIX, we understand business data and the technologies that manage, store and move that information for you and your clients. And along with it, the threats to your data and business systems, that can cost thousands, even millions, of dollars. Though each company has the primary responsibility of its information security exposure – the extent of extending access, firewall work-arounds for vendors, external and internal reaches, the frantic pace at which information ecosystems are evolving can be a challenge for even the leaders in the business domains.

Working with the best in the world in terms of securing data across multiple levels and scalable protocols, our Information Security products product range include Barracuda, CheckPoint, DELLSonicWall, Cisco, FireEye, Lumension, McAfee, Radware, RSA,SymantecCloud, Forcepoint and Sourcefire, amongst others to ensure your information is secured effectively, efficiently and cost-effectively.