AIMBIX team is now registered partners with Evolveum, we are happy to announce our partnership. Our Inclination on Cybersecurity space has opted us to collaborate with industry experts in the field.

Evolveum midPoint the Best Identity Management and Identity Governance platform available in the market. Nowadays companies grow fast and therefore the need to provide businesses with the capability to work effectively in complex technical environments is strong. When dealing with managing identities, simplifying and automating internal processes while keeping a high level of security is essential. The solution we offer you is an Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) tool, simply called midPoint.

MidPoint is the most comprehensive open Identity Management system currently available on the market. It is the basic building block of a complete Identity and Access Management solution. As IGA tool, midPoint will help you to solve problems in all these three areas: Identity Provisioning, Identity Governance & Compliance and also Access Management. In a combination with cloud solutions it will help you with Identity Management in any cloud and centralize the usage. Because of identity being the new security perimeter, MidPoint will ensure the security of your internal network and company resources. MidPoint is equipped with various features, from which we picked 6 most significant:



Lowers the risk and threats by giving you the possibility to determine and control how identity information is used, stored and shared.


A feedback mechanism to verify important actions in the system, for example if users got the accesses to correct systems.


MidPoint has implemented a very flexible organizational structure model. It supports not only hierarchical organizational trees, but can accommodate even other organization structure types.


Gives your authorised internal and external users a secure access to certain passwords. Generate strong unique passwords for users as well as resources.


MidPoint is able to postpone selected actions (for example, role assignment) until they are approved by appropriate authority or authorities.


Specify the resources your users are allowed to access. Assign users some roles and manage them as groups, projects, units or any other forms suitable for you.


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